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Complimentary Crisis Call - 1 hour

Complimentary Crisis Call - 1 hour

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If you are able to afford a coaching call, please reserve this listing for those in need of services that are unable to pay for them at this time. 

In the midst of a divorce in 2017, I lost both of my grandmothers, my step-mother of 20 years, and my two beloved dogs. For good measure, I also found out I was unexpectedly pregnant against all odds, and I nearly severed two of my fingers in a horrific woodshop accident. Go big or go home, right? 

In the midst of this chaos, I had to choose between returning to my corporate field or continuing to work for myself and create the life that I’d dreamed of for my children.

Terrified, I chose to invest in myself and the brand that I’d loved and nurtured. I used every ounce of hard work, every compliment and discouraging word, every drop of blood shed, and every tear cried (trust me, there’s been plenty of both), to take a chance on my dream.

It was not easy and there were days I was certain I wouldn't survive, but let me tell you, life is incredible on the other side and I'm here to make sure you get there too.

We'll use this call to triage your small business needs in your time of crisis and craft action steps to help you see them through. 

Chin up.