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Ballin' Pitch Prep - Own It

Ballin' Pitch Prep - Own It

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Two 1 hour long calls, twice a week emails, and plenty of support along the way.

You’re killing it and just landed a pitch with a dream retailer. Now, are you going to cry looking at your to do list or, are you gonna boss up and own this pitch? Truth’re probably gonna do both.

Let’s get you ready to land that account! We’ll spend the first few minutes of our call reveling in what a badass you are and then we’ll get down to business. We’ll craft your pitch, review your marketing materials and packaging, create a concise plan of action leading up to your pitch and answer any questions you might have about the process. 

This package will consist of an initial phone call up to 1 hour where we’ll devise our plan. Then we’ll check in via email twice a week to tackle your pitch perfect to do list. I’ll connect you with my trusted contacts for displays, graphic design, and print materials in case you need them. We’ll have another hour long voice or video call available the week of your pitch. Then we’ll chat again when you call to tell me about the purchase order you just landed.

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